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Saturday, 19 March 2011

My first single

Ay blessed people wats gud wit yall?
Funny how my first post on my blog happens to be my first [proper] single
but anyway, this is the link, for the song I AM, which basically just reintroduces God!
so without further yarns....enjoy

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  1. Kk so I decided to put d lyrics of dis single...
    Wat can I say! .... Yall gotta roll wit me on dis one
    Here goes...


    Verse 1
    Alpha omega d Lord almighty
    Sovereign ruler, can't be taken lightly
    One who was n is n is to come n will reign
    Forever more til for ever is no more
    Elshaddai, n elohim n addonai d king dat
    Will never die but reigns on high
    Over principalities n powers n the pharesee n sadducees,
    The Lord over d seven lands n d 7 seas
    Can't u see,all tins were made n created by him
    No one eva lives or even breathes without him
    He's d truth n life boi why would u doubt him
    Am his servant and his son and am proud about it
    Sing about it, go loud about it
    He loves so much n I can't deny it
    All my needs in glory yep he supplied it
    He's fire in my bones n I can't define it

    I am dat I am d king dats ever reignin
    Spirit and d fire his words be ever blazing
    Truth n the life he lived be so amazing
    I am gonna praise em, gotta outta praize him!

    Verse 2
    Thru d fire, thru d storm Thru d pain, thru d hell
    Even thru it all he never called for angels
    Became a living mortal, eat, sleep, breathin
    God wit us, truth n life he was speaking
    Still seekin those to worship n adore him
    Stil spreadin d good news from up above him
    D lion of d tribe yet as gentle as a dove
    If jesus is d had den I guess am just a glove
    The chief corner stone yet d rock of ages
    Lamb of God,true vine, d rod of jesse
    Prince of peace,prince of life,Lord of lords
    King of kings,d rapha, gift of God,
    Dwellin in yo sin gonna put u in a hell o
    Lust cut u up n down like jezebel oh
    Even in ur sin he's longin to forgive yo
    He's d only God u knw he really loves ya


    At d end of d day when its all said n done
    And d battle of armaggedon is fought n won
    seeing ur blazin glory like a thousand suns
    U will be d light,deres with no need for a sun
    We seeing ur face like we seeing a mirror
    love stronger than our own or any other
    After d seven seals and the earth peals for real
    And the movie of life has run its full reel
    And all will confess n attest to ur reign
    And d devil n his host scream in such pain
    And sin wil disappear from here like david blane
    And every voice here will be hailin ur name
    And all the truth will be knwn dats far from d lie
    D truth dat ur son was born, lived n died
    Paid d ultimate price for humanity,mankind
    No greater love than u never ever find


    Beat by beatzjockey (gameman)
    Recording mixing n mastering by Dr sankty!


    From d grace alone album coming soon!

    Grace n peace yall!


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